Stefan Pagels Andersen

Stefan Pagels Andersen



Stefan has performed in more than 8 Danish Feature films, several shorts and played theater at Betty Nansen and The Royal Danish Theater.

He’s done improv professionally since 2009 and was at iO Chicago ( in 2013 taking their world recognized training programme. After his education, he organized the Copenhagen International Improv Festival, that facilitated more than 60 International Improvisers. Due to the Festival’s success, he was invited back to the iO theater to shadow teach some of the worlds best instructors by its founder Charna Halpern.

He’s performed at the iO Theater in the The Armando Diaz Theatrical Experience & Hootenanny (Chicago’s longest running improv show) with Katie Rich and Sasheer Zamata from the Saturday Night Live.

Besides performed with some of Chicagos best improvisers, in the fall 2014 he traveled around more than 12 cities in Europe with iO performers Lyndsay Hailey, Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto, and further 4 cities with the worlds best improv performers TJ and Dave ( – shadowing their classes and doing shows.