Dan Seyfried

Dan Seyfried



He’s an improviser for almost 10 years. He studied theater at Conservatoire in Strasbourg and improvisation in many places (Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Würzburg). He was lucky enough to meet the master Keith Johnstone for 10 days and to play during a 193hrs improv marathon.

He teaches, plays and directs currently in Strasbourg but also all around Europe with his best friends and colleagues from “La Carpe Haute”. He loves to meet new people, so he already loves you.

He likes to play all kind of scenes: very poetic and dramatic, but also very stupid or just…normal, because all styles are good in improv. Shortform, longform, freeform or even strangeform ! Don’t worry, he can speak English, but if you don’t understand, look at him, his eyes and his body will tell you the truth.